Mixed Martial Arts Empowerment Coaching

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has changed the way I view myself, my life and our world. I had no idea the impact that two-days a week for four years would have on my life.  As a certified MMA coach through The Academy Minnesota, I bring the passion, intensity and focus of this incredible practice to my clients through Empowerment Coaching.

Empowerment Coaching helps us realize where we are at emotionally and identifying what is coming in our way of becoming the person we truly want to be.  Through empowerment coaching, we define what we want out of life and the values and goals that we want to align with.  In my coaching practice, I leverage several tools to help my clients break through these barriers.  Beyond the more practical and well-known coaching tools, I have found that incorporating a physical practice helps us ground our transformation in reality and push forward much quicker.  As we used to say in massage school, "The issues are in the tissues!"

Mixed martial arts is the core physical tool that I utilize in my coaching.  Some of the ways I leverage this are through:

  • Individual, 1-1 MMA coaching
  • Group MMA coaching
  • Workshops and retreats
  • Family MMA coaching
  • Kid's MMA coaching

I have learned that the achievement is not the end-goal.  Joy comes from the love of the practice, the process and the work.  This shifts our mindset to respond even when we don't feel we have anything left to give.  Through this shift to the practice, we can simply show up as we are and be present in the work.  That simple act has inspired so many to not just show up and be present, yet to leverage the power of a team, of our ability to lean-in to the challenge and to build the capacity to do great things.

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