Creating a Love-based Business Culture

  • Love-based business consulting and coaching
  • Conscious business consulting and coaching
  • Emotional intelligence discovery, strategy and coaching
  • Adaptability intelligence discovery, strategy and coaching
  • Action and sustainability planning
  • Identifying and igniting core beliefs and values

Creating a Culture of Good

  • Culture of Good discovery, strategy and consulting
  • Culture of Good Cohort facilitation and consulting
  • Organizational culture impact consulting and coaching
  • Culture of Good in a Box facilitation and consulting
  • "Big-Good" event facilitation and consulting

Change Leadership and Strategy

  • Change leadership and change implementation
  • Organizational design, development and effectiveness
  • Corporate communications
  • Organizational culture and behavioral transformation
  • Organizational vision, values and culture alignment
  • Adaptability and change readiness business consulting and coaching
  • Emotional intelligence coaching

The Methodologies

Love-based Business Outcomes

By leveraging love-based tools and methodologies to curate value-based visions and goals, this results in an organization that will act out of love for themselves, for each other and for the greater community they serve. When this happens we see a difference, we feel a difference and people simply want more of that. They want to be a part of this community we are fostering. Where teams, customers and individuals feel safe, heard, engaged, empowered and fulfilled.

  • Proactive, adaptable business operations
  • Teams exhibit consistent, collaborative behaviors
  • Trust is seen and felt throughout the organization
  • Employees, managers and leaders feel engaged and empowered to act
  • An innovative culture thrives
  • Growth objectives are exceeded through growth-mindset shifts
  • There is momentum that attracts and keeps talent and customers
  • Critical thinkers are elevated and rewarded
  • Long-term results and successes are achieved
  • Individuals know how to show-up for themselves and for others
  • Accountability is a part of the DNA of an organization
  • Barriers to success are removed
  • Information and solutions are accessible to end-users
  • The organization acts mindfully and consciously with an abundance mind-set
  • Those who have influence act compassionately and use empathy
  • The purpose of the company is felt in a positive way by the community it serves
  • Employees feel happy, a sense of belonging and fulfilled by the work they do