Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in the Midst of AI and Automation

Authored: Shannon Rose Farrell-Jackson, Founder & Principal of Shannon Rose Consulting LLC

Here we are, in the midst of some of the most complicated personal and business ecosystems of our time.  There are more people in our workforce, spanning across more generations and having the farthest global reach that this planet has ever seen.  This massive and diverse workforce has access to more data and information at the touch of a screen than any previous generation did throughout their entire lives.  Our world is vast, our world is evolving by the nanosecond and the need and drive for change has a force in and of itself. 

Methods and systems of thought such as AI, Agile and Big Data have blown our previous framework out of the water, almost driving some ethos into extinction… or pretty close to.  As the energy surrounding paradigm-shifting change continues to build exponentially, our existing people mechanisms and platforms can’t keep up in a meaningful way.  Solutions such as AI, The Cloud and Big Data are coming into play because they are able to expand, evolve and learn without too much intervention along the way.  The energy is massive and it is circular, constantly gathering, feeding, interpreting, learning and evolving… on it’s own! 

When you think about this type of change happening outside of the old world that we knew, it can seem like an insurmountable feat to keep up with.  Unless, we as human beings, shift our own thinking and dare to reach beyond what has worked for so long and embrace this “scary” and progressive energy that is already here and in our lives. 

In my emotional intelligence and change leadership work, I hear many people talking about how they are scared that AI and Big Data will take over their jobs, that they will no longer have purpose or meaning.  This pains me to hear that so many are afraid of something that if looked at in a different way could actually enable us to be more human.  AI and Big Data are becoming an independent and automated way of taking care of many tasks that have caused human beings to be stressed, overworked and criticized for many years.  What if…  AI freed up our time and allowed us to daydream and imagine, to focus dedicated time and energy on some of our world’s most critical issues?  What if… we had more time to be friends, partners and parents.  What if… we had time to wake-up in the morning, to enjoy nature, to exercise and to build mindfulness into our lives.  These are incredible What-If’s!

In order to enable any paradigm shift or core change, it is important that we meet individuals where they are at and that we come to the table in emotionally intelligent and authentic ways.  It is up to our leaders and disruptors to be curious and courageous by doing the hard work and leading by example.  Being self-aware, creating safe environments for people to embrace our ever-changing world.   

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