“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Shannon Rose Farrell-Jackson

Founder & Principal Consultant

Shannon Rose is driven to ignite and heal our world through love-based and conscious business coaching and consulting. She started her career at a small tech company where she quickly realized her knack for technology and business solutions.  Her drive to know global business strategies became apparent when she found the localization industry, giving her a unique perspective of how corporate environments behave, how corporations engage their stakeholders and what their key barriers to success are.  Shannon Rose was able to then build, support and motivate global teams of high-performers and give them the opportunity to make this world a better place through their work. These experiences empowered Shannon Rose to develop her #LoveFirst approach to leadership and consulting, bringing all levels of an organization together to create space for love-based outcomes to realize.  She executes through Emotionally Intelligent Change Leadership and Corporate Culture Impact, facilitating and coaching the conversations and deep work needed for transformational change to take place.  As a result, Shannon Rose comes from a place of compassion, positivity and service-to-others.

Some of Shannon Rose's work includes:

  • Senior Culture and Change Consultant for Digineer (UHG/Optum)
  • Founder and Empowerment Coach Facilitator for Positive Change Lab
  • Co-Founder of Izzy's Calming Club
  • Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Life Science Strategy for Argos Multilingual
  • Strategic Solutions and Enterprise Program Management for  Sajan, Inc.
  • Strategy and Sales Manager for Beyond Indigo

Shannon Rose's education & further development includes:

  • B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Sociology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQi2.0/EQi360) Certification from Crescendo Inc.
  • Certified Change Management Professional from Prosci/MNCMN
  • Change Management Certification from the Association for Talent Development
  • Culture of Good Coach's Training
  • International & Remote Team Management Certification from the Association for Talent Development
  • Level 1 Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Training
  • Alumni Speaker for the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • International Localization Thought Leader & Speaker

Professional associations & memberships:

  • Conscious Capitalism - Twin Cities
  • Minnesota Change Management Network
  • The Medical Alley Association
  • Team Women
  • Accelerated Global Connections

For fun, Shannon Rose:

  • Is an avid Combat Muay Thai student and instructor at The Academy
  • Takes her husband and two girls camping and to outdoor music whenever she gets the chance
  • Grows an impressive urban garden
  • Takes her rescue dog, Daisy hiking
  • Supports her old-girl rugby team Menagerie Rugby Club


Igniting and Healing through #LoveFirst

Shannon Rose Consulting LLC believes that love-based business growth and improved customer experience is the platform to ignite and heal this world. With the right infrastructure, human-centric approach and global reach, businesses can co-create a love-based world that enables employees, leaders and customers to be actively contributing and elevating our world. Our current business ecosystem is calling for fluidity, adaptability, innovation and purpose. As ambassadors for this transformational work, we are committed to positively impacting corporate cultures to align with their corporate purpose, carrying their purpose out into our world and making it a better place for all.

Let's work together!

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