A Safe Space for Emotions

Good morning network.  I wanted to share with you something amazing that happened in my household this morning.  As you know, I’ve been starting our days with a “morning meeting” where we start with a moment of #gratitude, we state what we can do for others and decide how we want the day to go.  That has been going really well and we are now into our second week of this routine.  It was so interesting to witness the cycle of #change and #adaptation unfold within my own household this morning. 

I saw that people have been armoring themselves in a self-protective ways during this “honeymoon” period of change.  Right around this time in change is when people  can’t hold back their true emotions or their authentic selves any longer. Think about it, everything has changed for us, we have a new way of working and learning, a new environment, a new way of being managed and of managing, different eating and activity schedule… everything has changed.  I noticed that there were a lot of emotions coming through in my own household this morning… this is the time in change when people need to just get these emotions out.  I thought, I need to just let my kids get these emotions and energy out and I need to allow myself to do the same.  I needed to create a #safespace for all of us to do this in our own way.  This is the same for our work teams… how do we create #emotionally and #mentally safe spaces for our teams to get their emotions out during this time? 

Well, I had everyone in our household go into a separate room and spend time alone doing just that.  One of my daughters spent the time crying, doing art and journaling.  My other daughter screamed into a pillow and did push-ups and shadow-boxed her Muay Thai moves. 

After we allowed ourselves to get this energy out, I noticed something incredible happen… we started to help each other.  I had given my 6 year old a task to come up with 5 ways she could #bekind to someone, and she was having a hard time coming up with ideas.  My 8 year old asked if she could come out of her room and help.  So she went over and gave her sister ideas, talked her through what those ideas meant and in the end, they presented their “be kind” ideas to me.  I couldn’t have been more proud to see them step up into #leadership roles, #collaborating, stepping outside their comfort zones to do a difficult task and go above and beyond what was asked.  This is a direct parallel to the #cycleofchange and how important our #emotionalintelligence and expression are to the success of change and to forward momentum. 

I challenge you to have #compassion during this time.  We have all been in this situation for a while now, and there are going to be a lot of emotions that will emerge over the coming weeks.  Sometimes we need to create emotionally and mentally safe spaces for ourselves, our teams and our households to be able to get those emotions and that energy out, in order to be more productive. 

Go forth and be emotionally intelligent and be well!

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